About Us

Here, at Anstech Engineering & Management Solutions, we have study, consult, and offer expert solutions for homes, churches, mosques, offices, factories, and businesses.

A Top Engineering & Consulting Firm

Anstech Engineering & Management Solutions is a highly driven tech engineering and management expert under the auspices of Elite Legacy GH Limited, in the Sales, Swapping, Installation, and Servicing of Information Technology (IT) & Networking Systems, Solar Power Systems, all kinds of cooling Equipment (Air conditioners), GSM Intruder Security Systems (CCTV, electric fence, access control, intercoms, anti-theft systems) for homes, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, banks (ATMs), factories, farms, etc.

With a blend of technical and administrative expertise, we are successful at implementing strategic approaches to providing solutions to complex challenges rather than wasting resources in the interest of our clients. we are recognized for performance excellence in tech engineering support, training services, alternative electrical energy generation, IS operations, security systems installation, and administration.

We offer excellence in sales, swapping, installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our service offerings are geared to lower operational expenses, save lives, protect properties, and provide optimum security, and a more serene environment for commercial or residential use.

Our Mission

Implementing strategic and flexible tech engineering solutions to emerging challenges through the use of research, best practices in Systems Improvements Engineering, and Quality control techniques.

Our Values

The following entails the core values that we leverage in the delivery of our services: • Integrity • Efficiency • Excellence • Expertise • Customer Focus • Team Spirit

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most preferred Solar energy, Cooling equipment and Intruder security systems experts, providing trusted consultancy services and resolving complex emerging challenges within our scope of service.

Our Value Offering

We take care of your cooling, renewable electrical energy, and security needs so that you no longer have to worry and fret over them.

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We Sell, Swap, Install, Train, Maintain and Provide Tech Support Consultancy

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