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As one of the leading engineering and security systems provider in Ghana, Anstech Professional Training Institute provides professional training to people in the core areas of our services. This professional training is provided to trainees where they are trained to install, repair and maintain the above devices.

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Professional IT Education & Training

Our team of consultants provides our students with professional education and training in the respective field. The training is available both online and offline via our offices and conferences rooms. We also offer customize training programs to associations, trade groups and various non-profits in the

Basic Training Programs

Our main aim is to educate, train, impact and beef up competencies of existing skills and introduce newer and emerging curricula areas of knowledge worth studying, and extension, using them in solving, if not all, most part of our business challenges, tech security issues, home and personal security challenges, as well as related industrial problems.

  • IP & Fiber Optic Networking services
  • Computer Hardware and Repairs
  • Cyber Security
  • Solar Power Systems
  • All kinds of Air Condition Repairs
  • GSM Intruder Security Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Electric Fence
  • Access Control
  • Intercoms

Executive Training Programs

  • Networking [CCNA]
  • Cyber Security
  • IS Auditing
  • Business Customer Services & Management
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Why Enrol in Our Training Programs?

We invite all applicants to enroll in our Anstech Professional Training Institute programs for a benefit in the following training objectives:

  • Intensive professional full practical training
  • Providing of certificate and attestation.
  • A post feed attachment / internship for participants
  • Business / entrepreneurial start-up and development support.
  • Tutorial materials for all applicants
  • Both in-house, office and online training programs available
  • Expert trainers who are expert in the field
  • Affordable cost for all applicants
  • Takes less time to understand each key component
  • Ongoing guidance to understand the elements
  • Professional assistance with practical aid.

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